Zentrum für Demokratie Aarau (ZDA)



Prof. Dr. Andreas Glaser

Directorate (Chairman)
Department head c2d

Professor for Public Law, UZH
further information (Website RWI/UZH)
email: andreas.glaser@zda.uzh.ch
Tel 0041 62 836 94 35

Prof. Dr. Daniel Kübler

Department head ADF

Professor of Democracy and Public Governance, UZH
Director of the NCCR Democracy, UZH
further information (Website IPZ/UZH)
email: daniel.kuebler@zda.uzh.ch
Tel 0041 62 836 94 20

Prof. Dr. Monika Waldis

Department head PBGD

Professor, Director of the Centre for Citizenship and History Education, FHNW
further information (Website PH/FHNW)
email: monika.waldis@fhnw.ch
Tel 0041 62 832 02 63

Co-founder / former director

Prof. Dr. Andreas Auer

Co-founder / former director ZDA

Professor emeritus of Public law, University of Zurich
email: andreas.auer@zda.uzh.ch

Lawyer for Umbricht Attorneys at Law
Bahnhofstrasse 22
CH-8022 Zürich
email: auer@umbricht.ch

Tel 0041 44 213 63 63/68

Prof. Dr. Béatrice Ziegler

email: beatrice.ziegler@fhnw.ch
further information (Website PH/FHNW)


Eliane Widmer

Administration & Finances
email: eliane.widmer@zda.uzh.ch
Tel 0041 62 836 94 44

Public Relations

Nathalie Baumann

Public Relations
E-Mail: nathalie.baumann@zda.uzh.ch
Tel.  0041 (0)62 836 94 44