Gesellschaften Im Wandel LMVZ
Photo: LMVZ

«Gesellschaften im Wandel»

The new teaching aid  «Gesellschaften im Wandel» invites the young people to discover the vicissitudes of the world and Switzerland.  The students are able to explore and reflect history and politics on the basis of 12 thematic accesses. The teaching material will be released in May 2017 and is beeing developped under the direction of the centre for civic education and history didactics of the ZDA in collaboration with the FHNW School of Education.

VOTO-Study about the federal popular vote of the 12th February 2017

Hardly any other submission of within the recent past has caused the voters more trouble than the company tax reform III. Round one third of the No-voters complained about insufficient information and decided following the maxim «in doubt choose no». A further 36 percent of the No-voters shared the opinion, the reform woud only benefit the coporations. This ist shown by the analysis of the survey of 1'512 votersiwthin the framework of the VOTO-study abot the federal popular vote of the 12th February 2017. The study has been executed by  FORS, the ZDA and the surveyinstitute LINK. It has been funded by the federal chancellery.