The Centre for Democracy Studies Aarau is running a democracy barometer as well as a database for the Swiss elections and popular votes and ballots. On the platform for political education educators can find materials, information and suggestions for their classes.

Online database on citizens' initiatives

The Centre for Democracy Studies Aarau created an electronic database on direct democracy in Switzerland, Europe and the world. This database contains information on the institutions (referendum and popular initiative) of direct democracy as well as on their use in popular votes.
Project leader: Uwe Serdült
Project collaborators: Norina Frehner, Irina Lehner, Louis Gebirstorf

Database Swiss elections and referendums (ZDA-BFS)

The cantonal and communal elections as well as the four annual referendum dates ensure that Swiss democracy remains active, also between the national elections. Commissioned by the Swiss Federal Statistical Office (BFS), the ZDA is developing a database on the cantonal parliamentary and government elections, the elections in the 130 some Swiss cities, on the party positions and the communal results on national popular votes as well as the national parliamentary elections
Project leaders: Daniel Kübler, Daniel Bochsler, Thomas Milic
Project collaborators: Philippe Rochat, Alessandro Feller
BFS Website elections

Democracy barometer

The democracy barometer measures the quality of thirty established democracies. The most important data are publicly available. This allows one to make one’s own comparisons and analyses. The website makes comparative data available on the principles of freedom (individual freedoms, rule of law, public sphere), equality (participation, representation, transparency) and control (governability, competition, horizontal checks and balances). Further, indicators are given which were used to calculate the named principles. Country reports and additional materials (codebook, methodology) complete the selection.
Project leader: Sarah Engler
Project collaborators: Korinna Lindemann, Laura-Vanessa Soldner
Project website

Web platform Political Education

The platform offers teachers materials, information, and suggestions for lessons in political education. In addition to themes from history and political education, current political events are also included. Texts on the didactics and methodology of incorporating films provide teachers with ideas towards developing lesson plans. Information about relevant events and publications complete the website’s contents.
Project leader: Béatrice Ziegler
Project collaborator: Kaspar Manz
Web platform civic education
Project database FHNW