Quality of democracies

Ongoing projects

Democracy Barometer

The Democracy Barometer is a new instrument to measure the quality of established democracies.
Project leader: Sarah Engler
Project collaborators: Korinna Lindemann, Laura-Vanessa Soldner
Duration: 2018-
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Completed projects

Consequences of Clientelism for Policy Design in Mexico

The presented project embarks on the study of the consequences of clientelism for policy design in a patronage-based democracy in Latin America. More specifically, we will conduct a pilot study on clientelistic actors’ behaviour in the decision-making process in Mexico from 1994 until 2012.
Project Collaborators: Sasika Paulina Ruth, Rodrigo Salazar-Elena, Rosario Aguilar

The quality of democracy in Swiss Cantons

Project leader: Adrian Vatter
Project collaborator: Marc Bühlmann
Project description