Autocracies and democratization

This project group is concerned with the development of democracy in a global comparison. To this end we observe, on the one hand, the authoritarian regimes and their stability and, on the other hand, also countries undergoing a democratization process. A particular focus is placed on the countries in Eastern and Central Europe.

Ongoing projects

The genesis of consociational oligarchies. Why consociational regimes have spread to the nondemocratic world

Project leader: Daniel Bochsler
Duration: 2016–2020

Completed projects

Enhancing the use of modern direct democracy tools at local level through Bulgarian-Swiss cooperation

Project leader: Uwe Serdült
Project collaborator: Corsin Bisaz

Strengthening Direct Democracy Legal Instruments through Swiss-Bulgarian Partnership

Project leader: Andreas Glaser, Uwe Serdült, Magdalena Forowicz

Democratic Transitions in West Africa: Political Elites, Civil Society and Institutions

Project leader: Andreas Auer
Project collaborators: Jonathan Wheatley, Fernando Mendez

Direct Democracy in the post-Soviet era

Project leader: Jonathan Wheatley
Working paper