Autocracies and democratization

This project group is concerned with the development of democracy in a global comparison. To this end we observe, on the one hand, the authoritarian regimes and their stability and, on the other hand, also countries undergoing a democratization process. A particular focus is placed on the countries in Eastern and Central Europe.

Ongoing projects

Enhancing the use of modern direct democracy tools at local level through Bulgarian-Swiss cooperation

The project establishes BG-Swiss partnership bringing in the Swiss-based academic and practical experience of direct democracy and other tools to bear on the BG case as it embarks on its policy goal to promote the use of instruments of direct democracy at the local level.
Project leader: Uwe Serdült
Project collaborator: Corsin Bisaz
Duration: 2013–
Research database UZH 

The genesis of consociational oligarchies. Why consociational regimes have spread to the nondemocratic world

Project leader: Daniel Bochsler
Duration: 2016–

Completed projects

Strengthening Direct Democracy Legal Instruments through Swiss-Bulgarian Partnership

Based on the wide-ranging and long-standing Swiss experience in the field of direct democracy, the project will provide legal technical assistance to overcome current problems with the functioning of direct democracy mechanism.
Project leader: Andreas Glaser, Uwe Serdült, Magdalena Forowicz
Duration: 2014–2016
Research database UZH

Democratic Transitions in West Africa: Political Elites, Civil Society and Institutions

Project leader: Andreas Auer
Project collaborators: Jonathan Wheatley, Fernando Mendez
Research database UZH

Direct Democracy in the post-Soviet era

Project leader: Jonathan Wheatley
Working paper