Friends of the ZDA

The Association Friends of the ZDA has the purpose to promote the development of the ZDA and to strengthen its position within the population, in politics and business. The members of the association receive information about the activities of the ZDA on a regular basis and are invited to the public events. In principle, all natural or legal persons can become a member of the association.

Standing rules of the association (pdf, in German)

Flyer (pdf, in German)

Becoming a member

For further information concerning membership fees and registration please visit our German website.


Peter Buri, Regierungssprecher Kanton Aargau

Sonja Eisenring, ehemalige Einwohnerratspräsidentin Aarau

Dr. Urs Hofmann, Dr. iur., Rechtsanwalt und Notar, Regierungsrat AG (Präsident)

Barbara Horlacher, Stadtammann Brugg

Lukas Keller, ehemaliger Gemeindeammann, Endingen

Georg Klingler, Rechtsanwalt und Notar, Baden

Jörg Knecht, Wirtschaftsprüfer, Aarau

Titus Meier, lic. phil. UZH, Historiker, Grossrat Aargau

Dr. Gabriela Rohner, Fürsprecherin

Dr. Uwe Serdült, Wissenschaftlicher Projektmitarbeiter, ZDA

Daniel Siegenthaler, Dozent, Gymnasiallehrer, Stadtrat Aarau

Max Suter, Einwohnerrat Aarau

Daniel Vulliamy, Grossrat Aargau

Danièle Zatti, lic. oec. publ., Einwohnerrätin Aarau, Inhaberin/Geschäftsführerin Kairos BCT


The association Friends of the ZDA finances its activities through membership fees and other contributions. In order to fulfil the purpose of the association and to promote the development of the Aarau Centre for Democracy Studies, additional contributions are welcome.

Canton Aargau has recognized the Friends of the ZDA as a public-interest association: voluntary monetary contributions are tax deductible when the contributions amount to no less than CHF 100 within the tax year (§ 40 lit. k StG und Art. 33a Bst. i DBG). Overall, the deduction may not exceed 20 % of the net income (§ 40 lit. k StG; Art. 33a Bst. i DBG). Legal persons may declare voluntary payments up to 20 % of the taxable net income as commercially justified expenses (§ 69 lit. c StG; Art. 59 Abs. 1 Bst. c DBG).

Please use the following address for payment:
Bank account:

Freunde des ZDA
Villa Blumenhalde
Küttigerstrasse 21
5000 Aarau
IBAN: CH75 0076 1016 1231 9154 1
Aargauische Kantonalbank, 5001 Aarau
PC-Konto: 50-6-9