Zentrum für Demokratie Aarau (ZDA)



The ZDA consists of the three scientifically, administratively and financially independent departments, "General Research of Democracy" (ADF), “Centre for Research on Direct Democracy” (c2d), and "Political Education and History Teaching" (PBGD).

Department ADF

The Department for Democracy Research examines the functioning, the performance and institutional design of modern democracies. Head of the Department is the Professor of Democracy and Public Governance at the Institute for Political Science of the University of Zurich.

further information (Website UZH, Chair of Research on Democracy and Public Governance)

Department c2d

The c2d is an academic research center on direct democracy – its origins, its development, its future – that tracks and processes scientifically the institutional design, the actual use and the political effects of referendums and initiatives in all countries.

The c2d runs a worldwide unique internet data base on popular votes (Website c2d), deals with interdisciplinary research projects, organizes scientific events and gives expert advice on direct democracy.
It is administratively linked to the University of Zurich Faculty of Law (Website UZH/RWF; in German).

further information (Website c2d)

Department PBGD

The Center for Citizenship and History Education is a research department of the school for teacher education on the University of applied sciences of northwestern Switzerland. Its objective is to investigate learning and teaching processes for Cizizenship and History Education and to develop materials such as historyhelpline (Website FHNW/PH), politischebildung, or the annual journal POLIS, which aims at teachers interested in citizenship education and history.
Moreover, the Center for Citizenship and History Education organises congresses and courses for students and teachers and cooperates with other Schools for Teacher Education and further institutions.

further information (Website FHNW/PH)